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Japanese in Germany :)
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Japanese in Germany :)
Hello everybody. grins
My name is Lujza and in couple of weeks I am moving to Germany.
I would like to ask you, if you could advise me any Japanese companies nearly Schweinfurt/Wurzburg and surroundings, if any... or anyone who speaks Japanese in this area... to get in touch with.
I speak Japanese, English, Slovak, Czech, currently improving my German grins
I have been working in Japanese companies in the Czech republic for more than 10 years (automotive industry) as an interpreter, translator and production manager.

I am searching out possibilities about jobs related with Japanese.
Shall you known any useful information, I will be more than grateful grins


今チェコに住んでいます。10年間以上日本企業で働いています (自動車産業)。
話せる外国:日本語、英語、チェコ語、ドイツ語 (レベルアップ中)

引越しする場所:バートキッシンゲン (シュワインフルト / ヴュルツブルク)

21.10.14 09:45
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RE: Japanese in Germany :)
The northernmost area of Bavaria is not the best place to look for a Japan related job. There is a Japan Chamber of Commerce 商工会議所 in Duesseldorf. There you will pick up at least a weekly magazine "News Digest" with job ads (and German news) in Japanese, free of charge, and have an interview with their CEO if you are lucky.
Look around, where are Japanese supplementary schools located next? That is Duesseldorf, Dresden, Munich. You could contact 日本語補習校 in Dresden, (Saturday late morning is best). Japanese or bilingual families in the Wuerzburg/Schweinfurt area are indeed accepting to commute such a distance.
23.10.14 13:41
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RE: Japanese in Germany :)
23.10.14 16:18
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Japanese in Germany :)
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