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Schriftzeichen auf Katana
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Schriftzeichen auf Katana
Ich interessiere mich für die japanische Schwertkunst.
Da ich bisher nur verschiedene Meinungen über die im Anhang dargestellten Schriftzeichen erhalten habe, ersuche ich die Mitglieder des Forums mir bei der
Übersetzung zu helfen
29.07.16 08:54
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RE: Schriftzeichen auf Katana

From source:

It's a "Japanese" phrase that means roughly "Now and in ancient times a patriot is one observant of the divine". It's commonly etched into the sides of modern remakes of Japanese-style swords. (It's even on the sword Tom Cruise uses in The Last Samurai). But I don't believe they really did that when sword-use was common place.

今古 - Kinko - today and the past
有神 - Yuushin - have spirit (in this case, the 神 is the same as in 精神 seishin, meaning "spirit, mind", rather than "gods, divinity"
奉(る) - Tatematsu(ru) - give (to someone higher)
志士 - Shishi - Gentlemen, Patriot, Warrior

Everyone is right on them being Chinese characters, however, because they are in the Chinese-style, however it seems the incorrect style is being used is just by the manufacturer's lack of knowledge when the are etched or imprinted onto the blade.


I personally think that it means something to the effect of: Strong-willed samurais have always looked up to the divine.


From second source:

Since this sentence is fairly condensed and abstract (think of a line of a poem), and is not a kind of sentences you'd often hear in daily life, it's natural that each person will interpret it slightly differently. I don't know what is there through Google but I personally would translate it as: "Gods have always been on the side of those with courage and ambition", or simply: "Gods have always been on the side of the warrior"

PS: After thinking further about it, I've come to believe that "今古有神奉志士" is neither Chinese or Japanese but is, like the sword itself, a Western imitation of Japanese, and is intended as Japanese. So my conclusion is that the sword and the scripts on it are both fake!


It is a modern product alright. Specifically, it is a Hollywood product. are holding Tom Cruise's sword. It is his battle sword from The Last Samurai.

According to New York Times, this inscription means "I belong to the warrior in whom the old ways have joined the new"
29.07.16 10:15
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RE: Schriftzeichen auf Katana
Danke für die Antwort.
Bedeutet das etwa: Heute und in früheren Zeiten ist ein Patriot der Hüter des Göttlichen
29.07.16 13:36
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Schriftzeichen auf Katana
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